Fight the Freshman 15: Healthy Study Snacks

Classes have resumed and students are officially back to school. For college and university students this is the time to try to find a routine, as hard as it is. This is also the time that first year students may start to put on the freshman 15lbs. Student weight gain, I know it well. I didn’t put on the freshman 15, I put on 25lbs in my first year. The number one culprit of my weight gain was unhealthy snacking. The biggest sin, late night snacking.

healthy hbe snacksMidterms will be here before you know it and staying up late to write papers or study for exams is not easy. I know that it often takes some fuel to stay awake and keep plugging through your work. Choosing healthy snacks will help you avoid the weight gain, but even more importantly, it will help you work harder.

Eggs are good for the brain because they contain a nutrient called choline.


Recognized as an essential nutrient by Health Canada, choline has been shown to play a strong role in brain development and function. One egg provides half your daily requirement of choline.

Luckily for all of us that are low on time, especially students, Burnbrae Farms has prepackaged hard boiled eggs. They’re already cooked and peeled and come in a snack pack of two. Here are FIVE delicious and really simple snacks you can make with hard boiled eggs.

  • Ham and egg cracker snacks

During my first year weight gain I used to eat cheese and crackers like my life depended on it. This is a much healthier version of that snack.


  • Bagged salad + hard boiled eggs

You know how much I love bagged salad. This is a great snack or even a meal and it will take you 30 seconds to prepare. My current favourite bagged salad is shredded brussels sprouts and kale.


  • Sweet and salty snack platter

Chop up some melon to satisfy your sweet tooth and grab a bag of roasted almonds to add to your hard boiled egg snack platter. A much better option than chips and candy.


These are so easy to make. Just scoop out the centre of your hard boiled eggs and add some flavour. Check out this post on the Burnbrae Farms website for nine different variations of stuffed eggs. My personal favourite is dill.

  • Carb Free Egg Salad Snack

Want to enjoy your egg salad without the guilt? Instead of making a sandwich, spread your favourite egg salad recipe on to a few stalks of celery. Want to make it even healthier? Cut the mayonnaise in half and replace it with avocado.

Want to try some other healthy and student friendly recipes:

For more great recipes and information, please follow Burnbrae Farms here:

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  1. I love snacking on hard boiled eggs too. I didn’t know about the choline aspect… thanks for pointing that out!

  2. So many good ideas here! I definitely gained wait in college thanks to unlimited dining hall meals and late night snacking. So wish I knew more about healthy eating then!

  3. I’m such an anomaly. I had such anxiety going in to college I LOST 15 pounds. But that was decades ago 🙂 Great snack ideas!

  4. Great tips! My daughter is a freshman I will pass it along to her

  5. I loooove the convenience of precooked hardboiled eggs. I used to feel lazy, but they make it so easy to eat healthy.

  6. These are not only great snacks for the college student but for anyone! Snacking is my downfall, if I don’t have something healthy I’ll grab anything, which is not a good thing! 🙂

  7. This is great. I definitely gained the freshman 15 plus some. Mine was from drinking too much and then the late night binges. So glad those days are over!!

  8. Yum. I love eggs.

    It can be hard in college – I lived in dorms, where we only had mini fridges and microwaves. Kind of tough to maintain good cooking habits.

    Off to check out those stuffed egg recipes.

  9. Between the drinking and late night snacks, especially the late night pizza, I definitely fell victim to gaining weight in college. Even though it took awhile to loose the weight, I’m so glad that I lost it and was at my healthiest weight ever prior to becoming pregnant.

  10. What happened to the good old hot pot? And microwave popcorn? Lol…Great tips!

  11. I want to try the stuffed eggs!

  12. Great ideas and recipes! Freshman everywhere would appreciate this!! 🙂

  13. Ahh yes! The freshman fifteen. It was definitely the late night food ordering that did me in! Eggs are such a great addition to snacking. such perfect food, easily digestible and fills you up!

  14. Love these! They are great for anyone on the go, especially college students. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great ideas. I did a post about dressing up your boiled eggs not long ago. I normally have two for breakfast every day. For like 4 years almost. I thought I’d get tired of them. Nope!

  16. I used to keep hard boiled eggs in my dorm mini fridge always – these are great snacks for college no doubt! Another favorite of mine to whip up was a simple microwaved berry oat “bake” of oatmeal + liquid egg whites + frozen berries. Easy protein, carbs, and sweet satisfaction

  17. Great ideas and doable even in a dorm.

  18. I like the ham and egg on cracker idea! I also have been loving kale and brussel sprouts bagged salad that I Get from costco. Great ideas!

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