I can’t run right now … again. It feels like this is a recurring theme in my life in the last year. But that’s kind of they way athletic training can go. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of uncertainties that are happening with my lungs right this second. What I do know, I don’t have pneumonia. I had my chest x-rayed last week and although it came back that I don’t have pneumonia, it did not come back clear.

Obviously I’m working with my doctor to try to get to the bottom of this and to try to heal my lungs. I’ll update y’all when I have an update. This puts a big fat damper in my spring training plans. I don’t know if dampers can be fat, but drama is necessary.

If there’s anything I learned from my HUUUGE (say it like Donald Trump) recovery effort last summer (post back injury) it’s that I will do what I can until I can do more. Over the last few weeks I’ve basically just been working and resting. Sleep is always the most important part of any recovery.

Thanks to some help from a puffer (or is it inhaler?) I’ve been getting a bit better. Yesterday I was able to go out for a long walk. We headed to my favourite trail, the same trail I spent every Saturday on last summer and fall. Walking that trail for the first time this year brought back memories of how awesome my running season turned out last year. It was a reminder that set backs happen, but come backs can be oh so sweet.

walk and jump 1

walk and jump 2

What’s my plan right now?

  • These lung issues may be a virus, so I’m working on rest, vitamin C, and lots of hydration. My doctor told me no alcohol (duhhhhh) and no coffee (wait, WTF?!?!!?)
  • Rest, ya I already said that but sleeping is my number one priority right now.
  • Do what I can, mostly walking for the time being.
  • Set up a strength based training plan. Unfortunately my ribs, abs and back have been in a whole lot of pain from all the coughing. I’m wanting to get them feeling better but also need to work on my core, hip and glute strength for this year’s running season.
  • Finding a treadmill. One of the things that taxes my lungs right now is cold air. I’m hoping as I transition into run-walk intervals that I can do so on a treadmill. I don’t have a gym membership right now and trying to find a place that I can use for a few weeks to a gym is proving tough. Does that exist (at a reasonable price) in Toronto?

PS – 4 weeks until my wedding dress fitting and 11 weeks until my wedding. Things are getting kinda crazy up in here!