Bridal Bootcamp: Why Sweating For The Dress Is A Good Idea

Losing weight for a wedding dress is a top reason that women start a new workout program. The truth is, I’m currently trying to lose an inch for my own wedding dress. Wanting to lose weight for a dress can be both a great reason and a horrible reason to workout and change your diet. I have a handful of brides and bridesmaids as clients right now in my Toronto women’s bootcamp class.

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Here’s a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly part of sweating for the dress.


  • Putting all the emphasis on the dress and the way you look takes away from the true meaning of your wedding day.
  • Many brides resort to starving themselves or using other dangerous methods of weight loss.
  • Extreme weight loss methods can have long term effects on your health, no dress is worth that, not even your wedding dress.


  • Setting unrealistic weight loss goals may have you feeling stressed out as you get closer to the wedding but not closer to your goals. Wedding planning is stressful enough without the added pressure of weight loss.
  • Some fitness programs are extremely time consuming, even having you workout two times a day. Think about how that will factor in to what other wedding tasks you have to do leading up to the big day. (Or sleeping, I vote for sleeping.)
  • Fluctuating weight makes it harder for your dress fitting process. Talk to your seamstress or bridal boutique about weight loss and how that will factor in to the alterations for your dress.


  • The biggest trouble that myself and some of my clients have with weight loss is motivation. Having a specific date for your goal gives you better focus.
  • If your groom-to-be also has weight loss goals then you can work together and support each other.
  • Joining a workout program (like my bootcamp class) that has other brides / bridesmaids in the class can let you form a little wedding community. It has been really fun to hear about my clients’ wedding planning adventures.
  • Working out is a huge stress reliever. For me, this is the number one reason to plan and commit to a regular workout program.


Here’s the best way to realistically and safely work towards a weight loss goal:

  • Start now! It’s about to be May and if you’re getting married this summer then IT’S GO TIME!
  • Be realistic, safe weight loss is anywhere from 0.5-2lbs a week.
  • Consider tracking without the scale. Other options include taking photos of progress, measurements, or using a fitness test.
  • Join a regular workout program like a class. Commit to showing up to all scheduled workouts. (For example my bootcamp program has two classes a week plus recommended workouts for at home)
  • Try a 30 day challenge. I highly recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene.
  • When it comes to diet, do not skip meals, do not starve yourself. This is unsafe, it will make you miserable, and will actually sabotage your weight loss.
  • Keep a food journal for a week and see where you can cut out unnecessary calories. Most people can start with taking out junk food, booze or other calorie rich drinks like soda or lattes.
  • Focus on healthy meals that include lots of veggies and lean proteins.


PSSSSSTTT *Live in Toronto and want to get fit for your wedding? Email me about signing up for my women’s bootcamp classes



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  1. I’ve always hated the term sweating for the wedding. Your fiance proposed to you and loves you as you are, you don’t need to be a whole new you for the wedding. However, I’m always a proponent of working towards a better and healthier you for yourself. So if the motivation of a wedding or date helps, I think that’s great when done right and safely as you suggested. You gave some great tips.

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