I’d like to conduct a study to count the number of blog posts that are called “Back on Track” or some variation of that title. And I’m not just talking about my blog posts because I’m sure there are something like 3,042. I have been blogging for almost six years you know. In the whole universe it’s probably like a zillion, right? My long winded point is that for those of us who blog, and who don’t blog (the only two classifications of people that exist in my world), we’re always getting back on track. With something. Back on track with workouts, eating healthy, going to bed early, etc etc etc.

I’ve had this chat with a client recently, there will always be some setback, some hurdle. That’s life (I’m deep eh). So ya, this post is to announce that I am getting back on track … because I went to the track. I am desperately trying to stay positive as I fight my way back from the issue with my lungs. I had a pretty good week this week which indicates¬†that I’m healing.

Here’s a list of things that went SO WELL this week:

  1. I went to book club last Tuesday. It was my first social outing in weeks! (Does anyone have a recommendation for a great book, it’s my turn to pick and I don’t have any books in mind.)
  2. I worked 5 days this week. Call me EXTREMELY grateful that I have a job that comes with a more than fair sick day allotment. It was really nice to be able to put in a full week at work.
  3. I had a cocktail and felt okay afterwards. We went to a tiki bar and I had this really delicious ginger beer cocktail.(I’ve been off caffeine and alcohol all month and I’ll admit I miss wine.)

ANDDDDDDDDD I went to the track! Last year the track became my happy place while I was coming back from my back injury. Even when I couldn’t run I would take Brad to the track and coach him from the sidelines. (He totally loved it, thanks for asking.)


It was beyond exciting to put my little purple sneakers on and do some laps on Saturday.¬†I got to take my new Polar V800 watch and give it a good spin. There are so many features on this watch and I can’t wait to dig even deeper into how this will help my training. As usual, I employed my run-walk-run method to get out on the track for 20 minutes. There was no goal. I just wanted to go out and do a few intervals until my lungs started to feel it. At 20 minutes in I felt the first bit of tightness in the chest and decided to call it quits. Patience is of course a virtue and I’ll get my distance back soon.


Other cool things (because apparently I’m back to lifestyle blogging) that happened in the last week include a blogger dinner. WOOHOO! Jen flew to Toronto to run the Goodlife Marathon so Carmy put a dinner together for a bunch of us to hang out the night before the race. Running bloggers are pretty cool people ;).

Also, 1 week to my first race of the year and 2 months until my wedding. The end.