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I’m not sure if I mentioned it at all, but I got married in July. Ha … kidding, I know it’s been all over my social media feeds for the better part of the last year and is pretty much the reason I’ve been a little MIA on this blog. And to be more accurate, I got married TWICE. Wedding number one was at a country inn near our cottage. Check out someĀ pics if you like :). Wedding number two was in Vegas! Being married is cool, and to answer everyone’s question – feels EXACTLY the same. Kinda what we expected after twelve years.


Wedding planning consumed so so so much of my time (throw in a few more SOs to make it truly realistic) and now we’re looking forward to getting our regular life back. I know that Brad would really like to get our life organized. We have banking and budgeting to do plus we need a major overhaul on our home office and each of our businesses need a tune up. But what I want to do is use all the time on new and used adventures.

One new adventure that I was dreaming of was running a full marathon this fall. My schedule got far too crunched, I’m still going through testing and treatment of that pesky lung issue, and my chiropractor + physiotherapist recommended that I maybe put that one on hold. Instead I’ll be pulling up a used adventure – the half marathon at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront race this fall. With last year’s back injury I didn’t get to give that half marathon a full effort in 2015. This year I’ll be looking for redemption and hoping to shave many minutes off of my time. A new addition to my half marathon is that Brad will be racing the same distance. We’re still playing around with our schedules and training. It’s pretty tough working two jobs and fitting in runs. We’ve done late night and early morning both due to my schedule and because of the intense humidity in Toronto these days.


We also hit up our favourite running trail near the cottage last weekend to get in a 5km run in the rain. I had almost forgotten what it was like to truly have to dedicate yourself to a training plan. Since we’re only running three days a week there’s really no room for missing runs. We had some friends up to the cottage with us and luckily they were up for some new adventures in trails. On Saturday we did a very hilly hike through some beautiful wooded areas.


On Sunday we did a very short but very spooky hike. We nicknamed it murder trail before we even got there and the spookiness did not disappoint. Just to enter the trail we had to go through what looked like a Blair Witch tree entry way. Also we may have left it a little too late in the day and were trying to beat the sunset. Oh and one more also, I was freaking out about bears. We saw a bunch of (according to Brad) majestic deer. Not sure what makes them majestic but there they were just metres from the trail. Definitely adventurous.

Aside from that I’m trying to catch up with all my friends and family who I’ve barely seen due to all the wedding planning.

I’d love to hear about your summer adventuresĀ . . .


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  1. Congratulations, Morgan!! Your dress and hair were beautiful! I’m anticipating things feeling exactly the same after Jeff and I get married in October after 11 years together. People are always like BUT IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN YOU’RE MARRIED and I’m like no. haha Cheers!

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