Allow me to be a broken record – I am at my best when I’m signed up for a race. I need a date, I need to propel my efforts towards something specific. For years, I’ve stayed motivated with spring and summer fitness thanks to my race schedule. This last month was my time to refocus. With the wedding behind me I let running and Netflix occupy my non-working hours. A half marathon doesn’t train for itself am I right?

When I’m not training for anything I’m more than happy to let excuses deter me from working out. Like most of you, I’m busy as hell even without the wedding planning (omg NOT wedding planning is sooooo fun). Here’s a list of my excuses: day time job, personal training job, family commitments, social commitments, and the longest Netflix list of life. Like, really important stuff.

Before August started I scratched out my month’s running schedule. Nothing fancy, I just gets some scrap paper and write down each run as well as the weekly mileage. Once the weekly mileage is added up I adjust to make sure it’s both realistic and safe. Because I teach four bootcamp classes a week, I only run three times a week. In other seasons I’ve attempted four and five runs a week and as much as I wish I could commit to that type of training schedule, it just never seems to happen. With only three runs a week I know that I need to be committed. I can’t blow them off because I’m busy or unmotivated.

Here are the rules of my running schedule:

  • Run #1 must be done before the end of the day on Wednesday
  • Run #2 must be done before the end of the day on Friday
  • Long run (#3) must be done before the end of the day on Sunday

Sometimes my procrastination gets the better of me. For example, two weekends ago I had to come home on Friday and run 5km in the heat before showering and getting down to The Ex for beers and hanging out with friends. (When commitment is miserable). Sometimes, like this past weekend, I’m super smart and I get up and get my long run done before noon so that I can enjoy a long weekend BBQ. (When commitment is delightful).

Labour Day BBQ

For the first time ever, thanks to my Polar V800, I got to log in to Polar Flow and see all of my August training runs. Having some technology in my life is definitely helping my training. So how did I do with my commitment? I missed two runs. Just two and I have a pretty good reason (see how I didn’t use the word excuse there, haha). The last five weeks have been spent dealing with dental pain, finally ending up with a two part root canal procedure.


August almost felt like a warm up and September is really when I’m going to tune in to training. I’m moving forward with my three runs a week schedule which I think will be easier than August because I’m in the groove now. The next step is getting committed about my strength and range of motion exercises. Wish me luck!

What training commitments are you making for September?