Brad is off of running right now. He’s dealing with some serious shin and calf issues and a somewhat solvable (my opinion, ha!) hip issue. Right now his half marathon plans aren’t looking too good but not completely ruled out yet. As for me, unfortunately I have a pesky abdominal strain that first appeared in June. I thought it was all healed up but with increasing my mileage and adding in a bunch of core work it seems to be back. And it’s angry.

Last night I went out for hills. When I was training for my first half marathon last year all I did was focus on the distance. Three days a week I would log kilometers with the longest run being on the weekend. I’m attempting to make this training cycle a little bit more focused. For my two weekday runs I’ve tried to throw in some track work, some new routes and yesterday¬†was my first hill workout. I waited until after dark to get out there because the humidity was insane last night. This was a good idea for training but it meant I missed the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. Le sigh……….

Here’s what I did

  • 1.5 km run to the hill
  • 10 hill repeats
  • 1.5 km walk home
  • Total = 5.4 km

It was tough so I rewarded myself with some pecan pie.

pecan pie

The other issue I’ve been having is tummy troubles on the inside. I’m fairly certain it’s from all the does of Advil I’ve been taking in the last month for numerous dental procedures. To make matters worse, the tummy troubles started on Sunday and I haven’t exactly been taking them seriously. I haven’t changed my diet at all in the last few days even though I know how to make this better. The last two days I’ve had three coffees a day, not exactly the medicine for an upset stomach.

Since I couldn’t sleep last night I decided to make midnight oats to have for breakfast for the rest of the week. I’m trading in my morning yogurt for steel cut oats and walnuts. This morning I’ve traded in my coffee for kombucha and I’m planning on having some peppermint tea soon too.

midnight oats

Although I’m frustrated with my tummy and my abs I have to remember that no training cycle is perfect. My boss was asking me yesterday if I was happy with my training right now. I wanted to say no, as I’m one to focus on what’s not working but I remembered how incredibly challenging last year was. If I can do my first half marathon after a serious back injury, I can certainly deal with these (hopefully) small setbacks.

I’m armed with a bag of better food and drink options at work today and have emailed about seeing my physiotherapist.

In other news, my September bootcamp classes start tonight. The weather may have other ideas but that’s the plan. I’m crossing my fingers that it doesn’t storm before 9pm.