Along with all the cute pictures of kids in costumes today, your Facebook stream may be full of advice of how to deal with all the candy. You know, all those articles to tell you how to not eat the candy. They tell you to eat fruit instead. They tell you to make low-fat muffins. And what I personally think is the worst – the Halloween candy calculator. These calculators tell you how many burpees it will take to burn off a mini snickers bar. Exercise is not a punishment for what you ate!!!!!


When it comes to Christmas or summertime I’m all for adopting a strategy. When it comes to Halloween – it’s just ONE day. Let’s go easy on ourselves.

BUT (big but) let’s not go overboard either.

I do have some strategies for making sure that things don’t get out of hand today.

  1. Only eat your favourite candies and chocolate. If Kit Kat bars are your thing, don’t go to town on 10 bags of Skittles.
  2. Fun size candy is only fun if you have a few. When you eat 17 fun size packages those add up to a crap ton of candy.
  3. ┬áLet it only be today. Don’t go buy the half price stuff tomorrow. This thing could last all week if you let it.

Here are your marching orders for today: eat the damn candy and then wake up tomorrow morning and have a good workout and a green smoothie.