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Healthy Office: Keep These 5 Items At Your Desk

When we’re at home we have the best intentions to stick with our healthy habits. But when you walk into work those ideas can go out the window. Things get busy and hectic and deadlines come up and you focus in on your work instead of yourself. Taking care of yourself is important, even during the good ol 9-5. Plus, research shows that if you take the little bit of time to instil healthy habits during your work day it will make you more productive.

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Here are five important but EASY ways to stay healthy when you get to work:

  • Bring tupperware

I should clarify bring tupperware WITH your lunch in it. How many times have you had to go out for lunch only to find unhealthy options? Or, how many times have you not had time to leave your desk for lunch so you skip it altogether? That’s even worse than eating something junky. You need fuel to get through your work day.

  • Mint tea

Hey, I’m all about coffee and if you’re drinking your coffee black then even better. Since most people are drinking cream and sugar it would be great to switch to an herbal tea in the afternoon. I say mint because even though it’s naturally caffeine-free it has a way to give you a pick me up and yet is soothing at the same time.

  • Water bottle

Fill it up, sip it often, go get more. Do you have any idea how often I get to the end of the day and see my water bottle still half full from the morning. We need hydration. It even helps us stay awake and focus. Take a post it and write down how many classes you want to drink at work that day then cross them off each time you finish.

  • Phone timer

Set your timer for once an hour. When the timer goes off, get up stretch up high to the sky, go for a quick walk to the rest room or down the hall or up a flight of stairs. Then refill your water bottle and get back to work.

  • Tennis Ball

Sitting at your desk can be very bad for your muscles. Having a tennis ball to help roll out any tightness can really help. I like to sneak my shoes off under my desk and roll out the arches of my feet. Chances are you’re not wearing sneakers at work so this is such a relief when you’re in shoes that strain your feet and ankle muscles. You can also gently roll out the chest which may be tight from hunching over a keyboard.

BONUS: Find a partner in crime or even a group of healthy friends at work. Share recipes, bring each other healthy snacks, get help with resisting those pastries at the meeting, even set up a walking or fitness club in the office.

What healthy habits do you or your colleagues use at the office?



Favourite Things: Off Season Workouts

Whether its the finish of a big race, or the end of  a season of sport and  intense training, every activity tends to have an off-season. I row competitively, and by the end of a long season, once I’ve given rowing my everything both mentally and physically, I welcome the down time.  With this down time, however, I also tend to get “Now What?” syndrome.

You train so hard for something all year, then you complete that event or race, and after you’re celebration comes the feeling of “What’s Next?” or “Now What?”. During this time I need something that allows me to recover, physically and mentally, but still keep up my fitness. Here are my three favourite exercises that keep me moving during the off season.

image (1)

Keep in mind that these workouts are meant to be more casual and fun, than regular intense exercise, as they are suppose to allow our body to reset.

1.  Walking

A power walk is the perfect way to get cardio in, without feeling like you’re straining your body too hard. Getting outside is especially good for clearing your mind. Walk in the park, on the treadmill or while running errands. It’s a casual ways to fit in movement, without feeling like you are exhausting yourself. Bring a friend or hike your local bluffs to make this off-season activity a fun days workout.


2. Yoga

One of the many amazing things about yoga is that it allows you to take your mind, as well as your body, to wherever it needs to be that day. If you are in need of a more restful yoga, you can take a gentler class or go into the postures with less depth. Either way, yoga is so important for me during an off season because it allows me to center my mind and to heal my body from any wear and tear that I might have caused it during the season.

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3. Team Sports

To get myself back into the spirit of competition, I love a fun game with friends. Some of my favourites are basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer or a game of ultimate frisbee. A little competition goes a long way in keeping me in shape, without me consciously realizing I’m exercising. Fun activities like these really help reset my mindset about competing again, which allows me to start fresh in the new season,

What do you do to reset your body and mind during the off-season of your activity or sport?

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Our Favourite Things: Natural Beauty Products

Every girl has their go to beauty products. Although we aren’t really the type to spend hours and hours each day on our hair and make-up, we still like to take care of ourselves. Today we are talking about our favourite natural beauty products.

1. 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion – Lush

This make-up remover and face wash combo is gentle, but powerful. It’s made with almond oil and orchids, which are okay for sensitive skin.

We love lush because they use mostly natural ingredients (all of which are vegetarian) and they make an effort to reduce their impact on the environment, by reducing their packaging, which means you can treat your skin, while feeling like you’ve done some good for the environment.

2. Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar – Lush

Okay, we’ll admit it.. We’re a bit obsessed with Lush…. But trust us, the shampoo bars are amazing, because they’re easy to take on the go and smell delicious.

The Jumping Juniper is made with lavender, rosemary and juniper berry to create a natural but effective everyday shampoo. While this specific shampoo bar is specifically made for oily scalps, Lush has a ton of different shampoo bars for all different needs.

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3. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Spectrum

Coconut oil has become a super popular superfood over the past few years, but personally we use it mostly for cosmetic purposes. Using it just plain as moisturizer is great for dry or problematic skin (it really helps with my eczema and keratosis pilaris), as it is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave an oily feeling.

4. Crystal Deodorant Stick – Lafes

This deodorant stick uses natural mineral salts and is free of aluminum chlrohydrate. We find it is just as effective as regular deodorant and it doesn’t leave any stains or residue on clothing. The only difference is that you run it under water before applying, and allow it to dry for a couple seconds.

What are your favourite natural beauty products? What do you look for in deciding on whether or not a product meets your ‘natural’ standards?

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