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Bridal Bootcamp: Why Sweating For The Dress Is A Good Idea

Losing weight for a wedding dress is a top reason that women start a new workout program. The truth is, I’m currently trying to lose an inch for my own wedding dress. Wanting to lose weight for a dress can be both a great reason and a horrible reason to workout and change your diet. I have a handful of brides and bridesmaids as clients right now in my Toronto women’s bootcamp class.

shoes and weight loss

Here’s a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly part of sweating for the dress.


  • Putting all the emphasis on the dress and the way you look takes away from the true meaning of your wedding day.
  • Many brides resort to starving themselves or using other dangerous methods of weight loss.
  • Extreme weight loss methods can have long term effects on your health, no dress is worth that, not even your wedding dress.


  • Setting unrealistic weight loss goals may have you feeling stressed out as you get closer to the wedding but not closer to your goals. Wedding planning is stressful enough without the added pressure of weight loss.
  • Some fitness programs are extremely time consuming, even having you workout two times a day. Think about how that will factor in to what other wedding tasks you have to do leading up to the big day. (Or sleeping, I vote for sleeping.)
  • Fluctuating weight makes it harder for your dress fitting process. Talk to your seamstress or bridal boutique about weight loss and how that will factor in to the alterations for your dress.


  • The biggest trouble that myself and some of my clients have with weight loss is motivation. Having a specific date for your goal gives you better focus.
  • If your groom-to-be also has weight loss goals then you can work together and support each other.
  • Joining a workout program (like my bootcamp class) that has other brides / bridesmaids in the class can let you form a little wedding community. It has been really fun to hear about my clients’ wedding planning adventures.
  • Working out is a huge stress reliever. For me, this is the number one reason to plan and commit to a regular workout program.


Here’s the best way to realistically and safely work towards a weight loss goal:

  • Start now! It’s about to be May and if you’re getting married this summer then IT’S GO TIME!
  • Be realistic, safe weight loss is anywhere from 0.5-2lbs a week.
  • Consider tracking without the scale. Other options include taking photos of progress, measurements, or using a fitness test.
  • Join a regular workout program like a class. Commit to showing up to all scheduled workouts. (For example my bootcamp program has two classes a week plus recommended workouts for at home)
  • Try a 30 day challenge. I highly recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene.
  • When it comes to diet, do not skip meals, do not starve yourself. This is unsafe, it will make you miserable, and will actually sabotage your weight loss.
  • Keep a food journal for a week and see where you can cut out unnecessary calories. Most people can start with taking out junk food, booze or other calorie rich drinks like soda or lattes.
  • Focus on healthy meals that include lots of veggies and lean proteins.


PSSSSSTTT *Live in Toronto and want to get fit for your wedding? Email me about signing up for my women’s bootcamp classes



What To Do If The Scale Isn’t Moving

On average, I get asked at least once a week by a client why the scale isn’t moving for them. There are dozens of reasons that could cause this, but most problems fall within a few categories. If you’re not seeing the number go down on the scale then look out for the following issues:

1. Are you drinking enough water?

Being under hydrated could cause you to hold on to weight. Forget the whole 8 glasses a day idea. We’re all different sizes. Use this calculation to ensure you’re getting enough:

0.5 ounces x body weight in pounds = fluid requirement in ounces

2. Are you on a meal plan or are you just “eating healthier”?

If you are trying to lose weigh by just eating healthier instead of a structured meal plan then you may be consuming calories or food groups that you don’t realize. Try keeping a food journal and it will give you a better story of what foods you’re eating in a day. Most of my clients that food journal realize that they’re not eating enough vegetables and that they snack more than they thought.

If you’ve done the food journaling and you’re stuck with weight loss then I definitely recommend getting on a meal plan (not diet, please my friends … we do not diet). Personal trainers can give you a general plan OR see a nutritionist, naturopath, or registered dietitian for a custom plan.

***Need a food journal? Email me and I’ll send you a free template.

***Need a meal plan? Email me to inquire about my April nutrition + fitness programs.

3. Ditch the scale


If the scale isn’t working with you, don’t work with it. Tracking progress is definitely important to propel your health or weight loss journey. But your weight is not the only indicator of success. Are your clothes fitting you better? Do you have more energy? How about less cravings?

Healthy weight loss is approximately 1 lbs per week. If you have 50 lbs to lose that could take a year. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone. I’m saying it so we can all be realistic and level headed while we make the decision to keep moving forward regardless of what the number says on the scale.

I highly recommend taking pictures and measurements as well. They almost always tell a better story than the scale.

What’s most important at the end of the day is that you don’t give up. KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Healthy living is not just about weight loss. Healthy living is the foundation for having the energy to achieve whatever our dreams are.

5 Reasons to Try Barefoot Workouts

Remember when everyone got hyped up for barefoot running? And then remember when some of the barefoot running shoe companies got sued? I’ve heard many people talk about how barefoot exercising was a trend that came and went with that running boom and controversy. Not so my friends, not so. Think about dancing, yoga, pilates and tai chi. These are barefoot forms of exercises that have been around for years and will continue for years I’m sure. For those of you who are in to weight lifting, you may have tried minimalist shoes or been in sock feet to help with your form for things like squats and dead lifts.

As a trainer, I want to get barefoot training BACK in people’s minds for a number of reasons. First of all, I have spent the better part of three years retraining how my own body moves and barefoot exercise is a huge part of that. Some of my own results include: minimizing joint pain in knees and hips, decreasing ankle injuries, and the biggest was getting rid of plantar fasciitis that had plagued me for over ten years.

Please though, do not throw your shoes off and just start running around the sidewalks of your neighbourhood. I always run in proper running shoes, but I’m better at all forms of fitness now because I incorporate barefoot training. It’s important to go through a strength training program that is designed for bare feet. The first person who introduced me to barefoot exercise was my doctor. I then went on to take a seminar on foot fitness, presented by Vibram. And now, I’m coaching what I think is a revolutionary workout program in so many ways, PiYo.

Here’s what barefoot exercising can do for you:

  • Decrease injury


Working out without shoes allows so many more of the small muscles, ligaments and tendons to get stronger. You never want your body to solely rely on the larger muscles, this can create imbalances and lead to injury. The stronger all of your muscles are in the legs and feet the better your body is able to adapt to other forms of exercise and the every day demands of the body. Barefoot training not only decreases injuries, it can actually heal injuries. But of course, always see your doctor first to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Increase flexibility in feet and ankles

Flexibility, or as I like to call it, range of motion is one of the most important things to keep your body pain free as you move through your daily life. The less flexible your body parts are, the more fragile your body parts are. When I was a teenager I injured my ankles again and again but now that I am stronger and more flexible I can endure a slip on the ice or an ankle roll without it becoming a catastrophic injury.

  • Improves exercise form and daily movement

You have sensors in the bottom of your foot and those sensors connect to the brain to make your body move. The sensors can start to function differently if you’re always in shoes. If you are in bare feet you can actually feel the body in a different way. Trainers will always tell you to find a mirror to check your form but feeling the body move right is also an important part of healthy functioning.

  • Less hip, back and knee pain

No matter what, most people have a stronger side of the body. This imbalance can lead to a lot of pain in the joints if one side is working hard and the other side is seemingly lazy. It can affect the knees, hips, back and it can even go up the body to the shoulders and neck. Exercising in bare feet can help to lessen this imbalance. It teaches both sides of the body to “fire” which means the muscles and joints on both sides of the body can work in alignment.

  • Less stinky socks for laundry

Okay this is a funny one, but in truth your feet will sweat less in bare feet. Not only leading to less laundry, but it’s healthy for your feet as well to be able to breath without fabric. I’d say the first four are the best reasons but hey, I’m happy to minimize the amount of sweaty laundry we have to do at our house 🙂


Take off your shoes and workout with me!



If you’re interested in barefoot strength training I’d love for you to join my next 8 week PiYo program. You do all the workouts at home and I coach you through the whole thing in a private group format. Not only for strength and flexibility, PiYo is a great weight loss program. It’s 8 weeks of working out with no equipment, no jumps, just awesome results. ORDER NOW to make sure you receive your package to start with the next group. Leave your questions below or email

Do you regularly incorporate any form of barefoot exercise or workouts? If so, have you seen any benefits? 

The Three Worst Ways To Lose Weight

There are very few people that I know who have not had a weight loss goal at one time or another, including myself. If you look throughout the internet there millions of ways to lose weight. I certainly don’t think that weight loss is an easy task but let me tell you that for most people, it’s not all that complicated. The problem is that there are so many myths out there about how to drop the extra pounds.

I wish these weight loss myths would go to the grave but unfortunately I see and hear about them all the time. Subscribing to the following weight loss methods could not only make you very miserable, they can also be dangerous to your health. Maybe you’ll slim down for a short amount of time but they’re not sustainable ways to reach or maintain a healthy weight.

1. Restricting your calories or starving yourself

Never put yourself on or follow any diet or meal plan that is less than 1200 calories a day. Just simply eating less is not the way to lose weight. This is actually one of the most dangerous weight loss practices and it can severely mess with your hormone levels. It simply puts the body under too much stress.

Also, don’t eat all of your calories at one meal and starve yourself for the rest of the day. Sometimes I hear people say they’re saving their calories for a pizza party that evening. Always aim for at least three meals a day and make sure that they have protein, fat and carbs to fuel you properly. You can’t get through the day or week with no energy!

2. Only doing cardio or doing excessive cardio


Many people who are looking to lose weight automatically think that jumping on the treadmill or elliptical will make them drop on the scale. Steady state cardio has been proven to be less effective in weight loss than HIIT or other interval style cardio workout programs. The best part is that when you do interval training instead of steady state cardio, you’ll need LESS workout time to be MORE effective.

Plus, remember that you need all three exercise components for best weight loss, maintenance, and a healthy functioning body. Always include cardio, strength, and flexibility training in your workout plan.

3. Cutting out fat or concentrating on fat-free foods


Fat does not make you fat. Including healthy fats in your diet is important for absorbing certain vitamins. They’re also important for a healthy brain and nervous system. Fats are higher in calories than other foods so make sure to use smaller serving sizes. Also, remember that fat free foods are usually all chemical and no real food ingredients.

Pretox Before You Indulge

Pretox is a term I invented for my ritual before weekends at the cottage. About 10 minutes before we had to leave the house I would make a huge blender of spinach and fruit, blend it up and chug it. Although a silly origin, pretox is great strategy for attacking your holiday social schedule.

Your schedule is probably packed with family get togethers, team lunches, gift exchanges, potlucks, dinner parties, I could go on but it’s making me dizzy. From a mental stand point, the best defense for all of these food filled events is a good offense.

pretor green smoothie

Your offense:

  • eat healthy and nourishing meals before the party
  • drink lots of water throughout the day
  • have a small snack before you go that includes protein (try hardboiled eggs, carrots and hummus, smoothie with protein powder or a quick tuna and spinach salad)
  • workout early in the day

The more you indulge in heathy self care habits the more energy you’ll have which means you can enjoy your social time more because you’re feeling great. And I think the single best reason to pretox is because you’re less likely to beat yourself up for actually enjoying yourself during your party. Remember, one night of drinks and junk is perfectly fine. It’s when you have days and days of treats combined with no workouts and little sleep that make you feel sluggish and cause weight gain. Focus on having high energy and feeling full of joy this holiday season. Sometimes that means an intense workout and sometimes that means wine and cookies.

But seriously, try out that green smoothie trick before you go to a party. It may even give you a glow from the veggie power!

Peace, Joy & Fitness: 21 Day Training Group

Yes, we all know, holidays are a tough time when it comes to health and fitness goals and activities. No one wants to gain weight. Ya it would be nice to lose some weight. But really, what I feel like the worst problem at this time of year is the fact that we all get run OFF OUR FEET. Agree?

I want this December to be the holiday season that you commit to taking care of you. I’ve developed a FREE 21 day training group where I ask you to commit to focusing on your health, your fitness, your joy. You deserve to be happy, joyous, full of energy and peace and be able to enjoy all of the wonderful things that this time of year has to offer. I’m so excited to offer this free group and I hope you’ll join me.

Peace, Joy & Fitness

December 1-21


This program is for you if:

  • You want to start or stay with healthy food choices in December no matter how hard it is
  • You want to have more energy to see all of your friends and family and actually enjoy yourself
  • You want to enjoy treats and not feel guilty while making sure you don’t get out of control with calories
  • You want to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time on a daily basis
  • You want to be kind to yourself and others and reduce your stress
  • You literally want to feel peace and joy this December

What I need you to commit to:

  • 4-6 workouts per week (min 20 minutes each)
  • Food journaling (submitted at the end of every week)
  • 5 minutes of meditation or reflection each day
  • Commit to one new healthy habit every week

What you get from me (for FREE!):

  • E-book with instructions about how plan each week, track your food, Wildly Fit nutrition + fitness + mindfulness resources
  • Food journal template
  • FAQ Videos every Monday morning to keep you checked in and informed
  • Wildly Fit approved workouts, recipes, and meditations
  • 3 Wildly Fit music mixes
  • Private Facebook Group with daily check ins

The Rules (ie. only sign up if):

  • You are ready to commit to focusing on food, fitness, and self care for the three weeks of the group with the suggested activities
  • You will post regularly in the Facebook Group with successes, struggles, questions, and share tips
  • You will submit your food tracker/ journal at the end of every week (Sunday night)
  • You will watch or listen to the weekly videos every Monday
  • You will support other members of the group
  • You will ask for help if you have questions or feel like you’re getting off track
  • You believe that you are worthy of joy and peace this holiday

Ready to sign up? Please do by filling out this registration form. Registration is now closed. If you’d like information about any upcoming Wildly Fit programs or services please subscribe to the newsletter.

Have more questions? Leave a comment below or email

Cheat Meals: Should You Cheat? If So, How?

I know there are a lot people who don’t like the term cheat meals. Instead many prefer alternative phrases such as treat meals. My opinion is that words only have power if you give them power, so let’s just go with the term cheat meal for this post because most people understand what the phrase means.

Question 1: Should you incorporate cheats in your meal plan?


Yes. Yes. Yes. Many more yesssss. Remember, I’m a firm believer that pizza makes me a better person. But I do think there are times that cheating on your meal plan will throw you off track. If you are 1-3 weeks out from a goal you may want to call on your disciplinary skills to keep you accountable to your meal plan. For example, two weeks before I race I always stick to my exact meal plan and this includes no alcohol and lots of water. Also, the week before a fancy event I always stay on track with no cheats so that I’m all kinds of fit and fabulous for my dress.

If you’re on a weight loss program you want to be really careful with your cheats. If we’re strictly talking numbers (because there is more to weight loss than just numbers) it takes a 3500 calorie deficit per week to lose one pound a week. Broken down that would be a 500 calorie a day deficit. And please, I am NOT a supporter of punishing yourself for cheating by adding in extra workouts. Plan fitness, meals, and cheats accordingly so that you don’t feel bad about it during weight loss.

Question 2: How to cheat

There are two ways that most people add cheats to their meal plan. One way is to have a small cheat daily. This could include a glass of red wine at dinner or a small bowl of ice cream in the evening or a few squares of chocolate. The other way is to have a big cheat meal such as a deluxe burger with fries and a beer or two. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that there is one best way to plan cheats, but I have a bit of advice to decide what’s best for you. Yes, I’m giving you the “it depends” answer.


If you’re the kind of person who gets off track easily after one bad meal then you may want little daily cheats. If you notice that you slide into a series of cheat meals after one night of a big indulgence or if you are more inclined to skip workouts because it makes you sluggish, steer clear of the one big cheat. If you are the kind of person that isn’t ready to give up that after dinner dessert or afternoon latte then you may want to incorporate cheats a little every day. But beware the daily method, sometimes if you do a bit every day you may be more liberal about allowing yourself bigger and bigger cheats each day. Before you know you could slide into multiple days of big cheats because you’ve told yourself you’re allowed to do it every day.

Basically I’m telling you to pick the cheat method that allows you to feel most satisfied and stay on track with your health and fitness lifestyle. You know yourself best. If you’re not sure about which method would make you most successful I recommend journaling your food for 2-4 weeks. The answer will appear my friends if you write it down.

Cheats … when and how do you plan then? Or do you plan them at all?

Should You Follow The “Healthy For The Holidays” Trend?

At this time of year many health and fitness pros offer some type of healthy for the holidays program. You can join Facebook groups, register for new classes, download nutrition ebooks, etc. But my question in today’s post is >>> should you?

My short answer is YES. Of course. Get healthy (or stay healthy) for the holidays.

My long answer is remember to cut yourself some slack this time of year. Putting additional pressure on yourself to achieve certain goals during this time of year can make for a very stressful holiday season. This should be a time of joy, celebration, and community. Allow me to offer some advice to make sure that your healthy for the holidays journey is both beneficial and enjoyable:

  • Set realistic weight loss goals AND celebrate maintenance.

If you’re on a weight loss program this may be the most difficult time of the year. Consider adjusting the number you’re working on. Not gaining weight at this time of the year is a cause for celebration too.


  • Track non weight loss results

At bootcamp we start and end every month with a fitness test. This has nothing to do with weight or size and everything to do with getting stronger and faster. To complete a fitness test chose an exercise (or a few) and time yourself for one minute. Record how many reps you can do in a minute and work towards increasing that number by the end of the month.

  • Make a realistic workout schedule

I’m a big supporter of moving every day. But instead of doing an hour workout 5-6 times a week you could do 3 intense workouts and 3 gentle workouts such as yoga or walking. Or find some killer 20 minute HIIT workouts to add to your schedule. You probably have less time for working out, don’t skip your fitness, just modify it ahead of time. Avoid that whole fail to plan situation.


  • Arm yourself with your healthy commitment phrase for parties

Have you ever been that person at a holiday party who gets a bunch of jabs for being the person on the diet? Ya, me too and it’s an awkward social situation that I like to avoid. I like to make jokes like “I’m saving space in my belly for dessert” when I pass on some of the rich food at dinner. Or when I pass on sweets I say “oh man, none for me because I already gave my heart to mashed potatoes and there’s no more room for these fudge brownies but I bet they’re really delicious!” Being silly means that you don’t have to use the word diet nor make anyone feel bad about themselves for what they’re eating.

***If you’re still looking for a healthy for the holidays group or program let me know!

  • The FIT CHICKS countdown to holidays edition of Fierce in 8 starts TONIGHT – November 3rd (at my location). You can email me or sign up under the Forest Hill location on the Toronto FIT CHICKS page.
  • I just found out the AWESOME fitness program that I’m currently doing is on sale as a package this month. If you’ve heard me talk about PiYo on my social media channels and you’ve been thinking about trying it then this is definitely the time jump in! I’d love to coach you through the program so send me an email and I’ll let you know how to purchase the program through me so you can get my FREE coaching support along the way.

Healthy for the Holidays … do you or don’t you? And if you do, what are your tips to staying motivated and realistic during this time of year?

3 Kinds of People That Would Benefit From A Polar Loop

Truthfully, I didn’t think I needed an activity tracker like a Polar Loop. In fact, last year at this time I wrote a research paper on managing technology and the product category I chose was wearable fitness technology. I know so many of the benefits of these products and yet I figured I was totally fine for getting enough activity. Turns out, the tracking is good for me. Very good!


Here are 3 kinds of people that would definitely benefit from an all day activity tracker such as the Polar Loop:

Work From Home

Commuting in a car to work doesn’t get you very active, but nothing is lower than if you work from home. My fiancee has been working from home for the last few months and some days he’s great at walking to the coffee shop and going to the gym. And then some days he gets so entrenched into a project that he’ll be at his desk for 14 hours or more, barely taking the few steps to the kitchen to prepare food. He was shocked to see his Loop’s active tracking category remain at the same spot for hours or the entire day.


Okay I know that a Polar Loop may seem a bit pricey for a student’s budget … BUT this is the perfect time to ask for one for Christmas. I wore my Loop during midterm season this month and it totally prompted me to get more active. In fact, the bracelet flashes with a message when you’ve been sitting too long and tells you “time to move”. It actually flashed at me in the middle of a three hour exam. One on of my study breaks last night Brad prompted me to take a walk around the block to collect some steps, get some fresh air, and clear my head. It worked. As a student I always focus on how time crunched I am and it’s hard to get a proper work out in during exams. But using the whole “what you can, when you can” mentality along with my step counter makes me more compelled to take short movement breaks. Getting my body moving makes my study sessions more effective. Plus it helps to keep me awake when I’m pulling those late hours.

Fitness Instructor


For anyone that’s a trainer I recommend connecting a chest strap and heart rate monitor to your training and syncing it with your Polar Loop. This is one of the great features of this product is that it accounts for daily activity and specific training (if you want it to). Here’s one of my problems with teaching bootcamp – some days I personally get a tough workout. Some days, like when I have to explain a lot of technique or correct form for new moves, the intensity is much lower. In my head, since I’ve gone to class I feel like I’ve had a great workout. But in reality I may not have burned many calories at all. The Loop and the heart rate monitor will let me know and sometimes I like to do an extra workout when I get home from class to make sure I’m achieving enough activity.

On the other spectrum, if you’re teaching a lot of classes you may be burning so many calories. You have to be careful to get enough fuel. Tracking what you’re burning can help you meal plan to make sure that you’re eating enough to have the energy for teaching whatever your work schedule allows for.

Things to remember when using an activity tracker:

  • The bracelet doesn’t account for calories consumed so if you’re using it for weight loss you can’t forget the food tracking part of the equation.
  • Activities that are of lower intensity (that don’t raise your heart rate) are important to overall health but will not dramatically move your activity tracker or step counter. It’s important to have a balance of cardio (which can include walking), weight bearing, and flexibility training to make up a complete fitness program.
  • You create your Polar Flow account online and sync your personal profile with your Loop. Plus you can download the app for your smart phone. Basically there a lot of things you can track. Don’t get overwhelmed just focus on on thing at a time. I recommend starting with just steps. Try to get to 10,000 every day. Then focus on the total activity and other parts of your training plan (which you record online through your Diary).
  • If your weight changes, make sure to update it on your Polar Flow profile.
  • Don’t forget to charge your device!
  • I highly recommend getting one of the newer COLOURED Polar Loops because they’re really quite fashionable. My purple one got many compliments. I think my friends and colleagues were just so surprised to see me wearing an accessory. I’m fitness fancy y’all!

Have you used a daily activity tracker before? What changes did you make to your activity level or fitness training? 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Polar Loop for review. The opinions on this post are my own.

5 Steps To Black Coffee

Coffee culture is exploding lately isn’t it? When I share a funny coffee graphic on Instagram I get more likes than when I share my green smoothies and workouts. People. Love. Coffee. I’m pretty sure we’ve beat the whole *pumpkin spice lattes are bad for you* argument to death right? So yes, we know that lattes are high high high in calories. But … drinking regular coffee can add up to many calories a day too.

Black coffee has anywhere from 1 to 5 calories (so basically none or free as some meal plans call it). When you start adding the milk or cream and sugar you can be drinking between 20 to 500 calories depending on what and how much of the stuff you’re stirring in.

We interrupt this coffee loving post for a public service announcement: DON’T USE ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. YUCKY! FRANKENFOOD!

Here are the benefits of drinking black coffee (Wildly Fit style):

  • save calories for other things like real food
  • savour the delicious taste of coffee in it’s most natural naked form
  • achieve athletic performance if using it as a pre-workout stimulant (with less energy drops or tummy aches)
  • feel like a boss


And here’s your 5 week plan to do it:

Week 1: Track how much cream/milk or sugar you put in your coffee

Week 2: Cut the sugar in half

Week 3: No sugar, just milk/cream

Week 4: Change from cream to milk (if drinking cream)

Week 5: Cut out dairy completely

And voila you’re no longer drinking your calories via your morning (or afternoon or evening or any darn time cause it’s so good) java. Commence posting memes about black coffee to all of your social media channels. Wear sunglasses indoors because dark is where it’s at. Buy a french press and bring it work so you can start serving black coffee to all of your coworkers.

Holla at me if you’re a black coffee drinker! How’d you do it? In phases like me or cold turkey?

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